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    A changelog of the zombie apocolypse game will be updated here!

    First Expansion update:
    (command blocks)
    -Achievements(on hold) + easter eggs!
    -New story line
    -All cauldron kit shop items will become available
    -custom items like hand grenades will be added

    -Big city extension, arena is more than doubled in size
    -cauldrons to be found everywhere

    First Update:
    (command blocks)
    -rebuild entire system:
    -new clock system, reducing tasks per tick/reduces lag
    -new first join system, more reliable than before
    -new zombie spawn system
    -updated max zombies per player, allows for more zombies per player, while still reducing lag
    -new survivor spawn system, more variations, better spots
    -reduced amount of command blocks, and length of commands
    -Reactive weather,reacts to the battle conditions in the arena

    -rebuilt some buildings to be smaller, and accesible
    -changed lighting to set mood, and aid in spawning natural mobs
    -extended barrier walls to build limit for elytra flying
    -working metro line

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